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Well... I wrote a post... but......

It's true. I wrote a long post for the site. It had some interesting information on how I prepare for auditions. I also reviewed a few films and gave some updates. Saved it... went to post it... error. Just my luck. I'll try to redraft it eventually. It's probably because of the glowing review of Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. It's just frustrating. But... whatcha gonna do.

Any way I want to talk about something fairly important to me. Two men that I've looked up to for years are collaborating and making a film together. Special Make-Up effects artist John Caglione Jr and director Stevan Mena are working on a new film in May titled "The Ruse". I was asked to work on the film which is an honor. John Caglione is not only working on the film as special effects make-up artist but is stepping in to produce the film.The synopsis of the film is below.

When an in-home caregiver assigned to an elderly patient mysteriously vanishes, Dale is quickly sent as a replacement nurse. Dale rushes to the remote seaside home, only to find herself in the middle of chaos. Forced to deal with an unruly patient, mysterious neighbors, and terrifying supernatural occurrences that seem to plague the home. Is the house haunted? Or is something even more malevolent to blame? As the walls close in, unsure who she can trust, Dale fears for her life and that of her patient. But can we trust Dale? The Ruse is a complex, challenging story that will keep audiences guessing whodunnit until the final frame.

They are in need of some extra funds, if you get a minute and have an extra buck, consider donating to the film's indie go go campaign.

The last blog I did before it was rudely deleted by wix was all about Auditioning. I thought that was an interesting thing to bring up. I'll try my best to recreate the magic.

I interviewed a few actors last year for movie night. I have yet to release those episodes but will do so soon... because there is a TON of great information that could help educate film makers and actors. But one thing I spoke to the actors about was " What do you prefer... auditioning in the room, or doing self tapes." Most of them said they prefer self tapes but... Bill Oberst Jr. mentioned something that a casting director said when he presented the same question to them and the casting director responded " This is the way of the world now, we'd much rather sit in our Pj's watching a tape than drive down the street, go to a building and sit and watch people live." And that's interesting especially with all the controversy going on today with auditions.

I've done both recently. I honestly prefer self taping, I can do it at my own pace, my nerves aren't on my side, and I don't have to go into a corridor and wait with 30 other guys that look like me. Which let me tell you... when you are in a room like that... being eyed up by these other actors that look like you or are sometimes better looking than you it's intimidating... and they know it. I've been on auditions where there are "actors" who try to psyche you out, because they see you as competition. It's amazing how this industry can be. There are actors who go and literally try to weed out who they consider the weaklings. Which I think is terrible... you know, instead of focusing on your lines and doing your best work and not really worrying about anyone else... these people come in and try to throw you a curve ball by either getting in your head ( give you a look, say something snarky about your appearance, the list goes on.)so when you go into the audition you think second guess yourself and let this person live rent free in your head (doesn't work for everyone but has worked for some people.) or they try to get you to walk out of the audition before you even get in the room. I've never walked out, and just always gave it my all. But when you are an actor... you are kinda vulnerable. Ya know... so it is easy to be in a state where that kinda attitude from another peer could get to you. Also depends on what you are auditioning for. But that is how it works... it's a competitive field.

I do enjoy doing in the room auditions, working with a reader and getting to meet the casting director... I don't know... there is a magic than can happen. Self tapes though... well... I feel like it's easier... but it does have it's own set of challenges. I don't have to travel, I own all my own gear, have a nice space, and I can spend the time to really work it out, I don't have to waste time rushing to the audition. But the negatives are most the time you have no turn around, you have to record, edit, find a reader... if you don't have a reader you have to adjust and record your self reading the other lines. It can be a pain in the ass, but I still love it. I can understand where actors and casting directors are ready to do things the old fashion way again. But I do think it is amazing how technology has advanced even in the past 20 years.

I will talk more about how I audition and memorize the material. Not that I think anyone cares.... but it is interesting. Especially since there are so many different ways to prep for an audition.

Any way... let's get into some reviews.

65 Million Years Ago: This film was just meh. I enjoyed the visuals, and really wanted to like this movie... I mean come on... it's DINOSAURS! But it had a lot of holes... a lot of stuff that just didn't make sense to me. I don't want to get into it because I don't want to spoil anything but ... I will say this... This guy has this crazy technological tool but it can't translate... come on. I know he says the translator is broken but everything else works? Come on. There was a scene in the beginning of the film where the main character walks through a swamp and you see this creature in the water... but nothing happens with it.

There are scenes in this that are very similar to scenes in Jurassic park, but I feel Jurassic did it better. I will say the dinosaurs look amazing. I think I was just expecting more from this film, but I will say.. it was a fun ride and worth seeing for that and there are some great tense scenes in it!

The Green Mile: For some reason... I never saw this film. It was everywhere when it came out. I remember seeing the poster for it at Sun and Surf. Everyone told me to see it... and for some reason I just didn't think I would like it. I FUCKING LOVED this MOVIE! It was amazing. Probably my favorite Stephen King film next to The Shawshank Redemption! Amazing film... Great cast... great seeing a young Sam Rockwell. This film is phenomenal! See it!

Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania: Here we go again... Well... this film has gotten a bad rap. I mean look... it wasn't my cup of tea. Let me talk about the positives. Paul Rudd is great, so is the rest of the cast. The Film feels like a star wars film as we are being whisked away in a beautiful environment... for the first 30 minutes. The rest of the vfx really suffers. Now I heard that the VFX artists say that half way through the making of the film their funding was cut in half and given to Black Panther 2. It shows and it is unfortunate. Especially for MODOK... which looks terrible. It is just unfortunate as I really enjoyed the last two Ant-Man flicks. Jonathon Major does a good job but felt he wasn't a big threat in this film. I am excited to see what he does in the next avengers flick.

Won't You Be My Neighbor: Wow! Mr. Fred Rogers was a child hood hero of a lot of folks, including myself. This was a great documentary. Very informative, squashing a lot of the myths about this legend. It was just very good... I loved it. It was inspiring as well. Well worth a viewing. I haven't seen the film with Tom Hanks... but that will be next on my viewing. Nuff Said.

Well folks, that is it for me. Hope you all are staying frosty out there! Keep being creative!


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