Will Devokees Daredevil Videos


All videos were made with a modest budget.

Daredevil 2014 Trailer

​​Four Minute Trailer I made to promote myself as Daredevil for the netflix series.

Daredevil 2014 Teaser

​​A new teaser I cut. We hint at our villain, Zebadiah Killgrave which will be more prominent in our actual 3 minute trailer.

1989 Daredevil
Diet Coke Commercial

As a child I had the 1989 Batman film on VHS. On that vhs there was a neat little Product placement Commercial tie in with Diet Coke and Batman. I have always wanted to do something similar but with Daredevil. I miss tie-ins like this. I guess you could say Nostalgia got the best of me. :)

Densen Clip

Corey Poindexter did the post sound on this short and it turned out absolutely amazing!

2011 Daredevil

A trailer that Ben Bostaph edited. It really packs a punch.