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Stand Up Comedy!

Quick one. I did stand up again tonight! Did I bomb? Maybe... I did get some laughs but it was definitely a tough crowd. This was my favorite venue as of recent. It was more intimate and was closed off from the rest of the restaurant.

Video link is here.

I shot this on a little panasonic handicam, I didn't feel like breaking out the dslr's or the big rig. I also didn't wanna break my phone out. I kinda just wanted to push a button and let it go. For some reason I was just exhausted. One of the issues of shooting with this handicam is that it doesn't allow an external audio source, so I couldn't plug a mic or a lavalier in or tie straight to the board. Which does suck... but I did what i could with it.

I felt the most comfortable on stage than I have recently. It reminds me of the old pittsburgh days. I loved just going out there and testing new material and seeing what hits... going back to the drawing board to fix a joke that bombed.... some times its just a word... changing a word or saying it differently that can really bring a joke back from the dead. I am seeing that impressions are my strong suit.. which is why I leave them to the end. I love asking the audience to shout out a name... most of what's shouted I can do... but I tell them I can't. Nicholson... Jim Carrey, Robin Williams... all impressions that are usually requested that I can do. But Nic Cage and Jeff Goldblum... safe bets.

Any way I hope they decided to do this more. Thanks to Stevie Jay for putting on this event and allowing me to attempt to be funny, that dude is hysterical! Thanks to all the comedians that go out and put themselves out there. Thanks to Jimmy O for pushing me to do this more and helping me craft jokes. Ben Bostaph for supporting me even if I am stupid and do weird and odd things.

See you all soon, here is another photo for you, me being weird... and looking gross!

-Wilby D!

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