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Unearthed, the LA Connection and Comedy

So, it's been a bit but some cool things have kinda cropped up that I feel are worth noting. But first, gross photo of myself I would never post anywhere except for here as promised.

I have been competing in a local comedy competition for "Funniest Person on Delmarva". My first night competing I won 4th place. I was shocked and thankful that my peers thought I was as funny if not funnier than they were. I've been asked to come back for round two. Wish me luck. The competition takes place at Dream Big Venues in Delmar, DE. Check it out, it's a great new comedy club that just opened. Check them out, the shows are very affordable and they have a free open mic night on Monday's. Check it out! I can't wait to do more with this organization.

I have also been taking some improv classes doing some online shows with legendary improv and comedian Kent Skov with the LA Connection. I tell you, I have really appreciated this man. He has made me feel safe in comedy and let me kinda work through a lot of things as well as teach me a lot about comedy and improv. I have been very fortunate to have so many great comedic forces in my life that have pushed me to get back into this field. I loved it so much. So thank you to Jimmy O'Neill, Kent Skov, Joe Pontillo and everyone I've met at dream big. Also a big thank you to Davin Rosenblatt who has really helped me even if he doesn't know it.

I was recently asked to provide my voice to a small role in Mike Doyle's new audio play "Zombie Cow 2: Damn Many". It's a sequel to an audio play he did in 2007 called "Zombie Cow Moostrocity." I have already recorded my lines and he has dropped them in so to speak. I am proud to be working with Mike, as well as work with such as talented cast such as Jim Krut and Tom McGloughlin. Mike does a great podcast interviewing people called The Movie Raid, which can be found on google play, Iheartradio and youtube. Attached is a photo of the character I'm supposed to be playing. He did this with AI and it's kinda cool. Kinda looks like Ike Barinholtz.

So a few months ago producer Phil Herman came to me and mentioned he wanted me to direct a new segment for an anthology he's been kicking around. He gave me a synopsis for my segment, I wrote a script... we both loved it and well now we have a crew and are trying to raise funds to make it. Please consider donating to the indiegogo if you can. Every little bit goes a long way to helping us bring this wonderfully creepy film to life. So what is my segment about? Well the prompt I received was Frank leaves one day to get milk and disappeared leaving his wife and brother worried. To me this was simple... Alien abduction. I had always wanted to do something involving aliens, even wrote a few scripts. But this one I wanted to be a short and contained film with very little focus on the aliens themself (even though they do make a horrifying appearance) but focus on the aftermath and grief that those go through when a loved on goes missing. Instead of it being his brother I made it his father. We have started shooting. Ryan Phillips plays a detective. He came down and knocked out 3 roles for three different projects. Attached below are some photos for the project.

Unearthed Poster

Poster for my segment "Look Towards The Sky"

Synopsis of each segment.

The Directors associated with the film

The Cast for my segment

BTS monitor shot of Ryan W. Phillips.

If you can donate, please do so below!

Director Derek Braasch and producer Phil Herman and I will be doing a telethon like thing where for each 20 dollar donation Derek and I will take shots of hot sauce on facebook.

Also I have been working diligently on the found footage anthology with Rusty Apper. Ryan and I wrapped up the wrap around segment! It looks great, I just need to finish my segment and do some editing. Here is a cool shot of me in make up. Rusty has drafted up a very haunting poster which I will share when he has given me the ok to do so.

I got a pretty good review on my performance for ' I slay on Christmas' but got knocked for the green screen. Even though I know this reviewer will never read this... thank you. Also, the green screen was properly lit, the hair issue you speak of isn't because of the hair not being lit properly, it's who ever did the keying. I am sure they tried their best but a lot of that could have been keyed out very easily.

Any way, thanks again for checking out the blog, Wish me luck in the competition and please donate if you can! I wanna make my segment the best possible and could use any and all financial support with this.


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