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I'm Really BAD At This.


It's been a few weeks and I apologize... not just for the lack of updates but for the poor grammar and punctuation as well. I'm really bad at this self promotion thing. I use to be good at it, then figured "Ya know, Will. People don't really care about what you gotta say. Just sit back and observe." Then at midnight... a thought crossed my mind. What if some one does care. I know there isn't a lot of folks lining up to heat what I have to say... but that's ok. The few that do I greatly appreciate ya! Hopefully my psycho babble BS helps some one, or at least entertains. Geez, who'd have thought this Website business would be so much work.

The Question of the hour..."So what's new?". I wish I knew. I have been looking into getting representation. I have applied to some great Talent Agencies in the past few weeks. I haven't heard much back, but that's normal. I've also been looking for an agency to rep me as a writer/director. Keep plugging I guess. I know I have a lot to offer, just takes some time to really prove myself.

Here is a gross photo that I wouldn't dare post to facebook or instagram. But for all three of my lovely fans that view my website... I'll post it here. As promised in my last post. Me, again in my office. I don't know about any one else... I feel more exhausted after staring into a computer screen. Maybe I need glasses, who knows. I feel weird sharing any sort of information about myself... being raw and honest... but isn't that what acting is all about? Sure I guess. I just know some judgemental person will come on here and hassle me about my... hair or something. Again who knows. Long of the short of it.... enjoy that photo, Blemishes and all. I promise I'm not that vain... any more.

Years ago I signed up for one of Stephen King's world famous Dollar Babies. The story I chose was "The Rainy Season". I thought it would be interesting, and even though it has been done multiple times now, I feel maybe I could do it differently than those that have come before. I haven't seen any of the version done... but I am really impressed with the trailers I've seen! They look amazing and have great production value, I really got my work cut out for me. I've been working on a script and designing the villainous toads. I've taken a few liberties with the story and dialog and really hope it's something that King will enjoy. I am going to do some previsual poster and art work some time after I complete the screen play. Unfortunately this will just be a short film, and other than a festival run, I really won't be able to post it any where.

I've also been working on a comedy cd. It's something I've been working on for the past few years. Just here and there. I miss the old cd's where there were sketches... like Adam Sandler or Norm Macdonald use to do. I feel there aren't nearly enough of them... and for a fun side project I decided "What the hell." I'mma make one. So far I've written, recorded and edited a few tracks and tested them on various people. It's funny... people seem to like it. Can't wait to unleash that onto the world.

Speaking of Comedy, I'll be jumping back on stage for the first time in 13 years to do STAND UP! Tuesday, March 28 7pm at the Salted Rim in Ocean View, Delaware. I'm going to go up and test all new material and try my hand at it again. When I did my 5 minutes at the funny bone I did ok. I am both nervous and excited as I am new to the comedy scene of Delaware... but thanks to Stevie Jay, who is running the event and James Wyngarde for the confidence. Joe Pontillo also had some kind things to say about my doing this again. I am going to film the event, put it on youtube... so you can laugh and throw rotten vegetables at the comfort of your own home, and at my safety.

Last but not least.... I get asked this question at least 5 times a week... "Where is Movie Night?" I spent the whole day yesterday fixing an old POS system that I had acquired. It is really only acting as a prop but it works and there are a few gags I wanna try to accomplish with it. It took about 8 hours and 50 phone calls to various tech service departments... BUT ( Waves index finger in the air like Kevin McDonald) I think I got it to work. Now I just have to get the printer to work and we will be in business, BABY! YEAH! But... ahem... it is coming. I apologize for the wait.

So I watched a few flicks since my last post. Figured I'd give my unsolicited two cents on them.

The King of Comedy: WOW! What a great character study. This is probably one of my favorite Di Nero roles as of right now. It's definitely a dark flick. Jerry Lewis is also really good in this. I am use to his more wacky and zany movies. ( I haven't seen "The Day the Clown Cried") Plus Sandra Bernhard is always good! I read that this was her first film. I am not sure how trues that is but she was really good. Both Di Nero and Bernhard really compliment each other as these delusional fans that will stop at nothing for fame and attention from Jerry's character. I really enjoyed this flick. It makes you stop and think about your own attempts at this industry. Am I trying too hard... is this too crazy? Am I even talented enough to be doing this? I can definitely see the influence this had on Todd Phillip's Joker.

A Man Called Ove: I have always wanted to watch this film. I heard about it from Ken Evan's who told me it was really good. Each time I tried to watch it... it wasn't on any of the streaming platforms I pay for. Now, I don't mind paying for films. I do not pirate films... I am against that. In my opinion it hurts the industry greatly. But I pay tons of money a month on streaming services and watching a film is a huge risk... heh it was a huge risk back in the days of video stores as well... but there was a charm to it. All in all you just don't know what you are going to get... and I remember at one point you had to buy this instead of renting off apple. So I said I'd wait. Well... I am sad I waited. This film is an amazing film. One is a grumpy son of a bitch... but one we feel for and at times even empathize with. It's a beautifully told story, and well acted. I watched the film on Prime and used the subtitles.

Candyman (2021): Now let me preface with this... I loved the first film. Tony Todd has always impressed me since the first time I saw him on screen when I was a young lad watching Tom Savini's "Night Of The Living Dead". But... I was never a huge fan of the series. When I use to manage Gold Coast Cinema, folks would come out saying this film was terrible. So I put off watching it.

So I broke my rule.... for those who don't know I have a rule... don't listen to anyone's opinions on if a movie is good or bad, because ultimately it is just an OPINION... more so that person's OPINION.

I liked this flick. The casting was great! Yahya Abdul-Mateen II steals every scene he is in and is very believable. Teyonah Parris is also amazing and really helps sell the ending scene. And Nia DaCosta is a name I really didn't know until this film and she is on my list of directors to keep an eye out for. The film is decent. The kills are uniquely shot and brutal. But at times I felt like the film didn't know which lane to choose when telling the story. Also some of the characters can come off as unlikeable. That is fine for some, but I found most of them just annoying. I will say the first 25 minutes I really liked and was yelling "YES! Yes! More of this!" It was good and scary and was totally what I wasn't expecting but in a good way. But then it takes a weird turn near the end and it just... felt like everything was moving in a good direction until this point. Still a fun movie, and a great sequel to the first film,... I didn't see the other sequels. But there is a great cameo in this film... actually a few cameos from some of the actors of the first film that was a nice surprise. Also I need to mention... the animated segments were really creepy and chilling. Well done!

The Dark Half: If you haven't noticed.... I love horror. But more importantly... I am a big George A. Romero fan. For some reason or another I had never seen his film adaptation of Stephen King's Novel The Dark Half. I have seen just about every other film Romero has made... but this. Why? Again... who knows.

I went into this film not knowing much. The only thing I had heard was that Romero was almost fired from the production after having many arguments with the studio and the DP, Tony Pierce-Roberts, and that Romero and actor Timothy Hutton didn't get along. That said... this is one of my favorite Romero films and one of my favorite King Adaptations. It just feels different, mostly because it was a bigger budgeted studio picture. There are some really chilling scenes in this. I am not really familiar with Hutton but he really is amazing in this, playing as both Thad Beaumont and George Stark. The digital effects are a bit dated by early 90's standards but still looks cool. The make-up effects are absolutely beautifully done. One of my teachers from the Savini School, Gerry Gergely worked on this film and it's just stellar work!

Christopher Young did the score for this film... holy crappy... it's creepy, atmospheric, and haunting. It definitely feels like a Christopher Young score, especially if you are a fan of his work like I am. You at times get bits of Hell Raiser.... but one thing I noticed was that this score feels a lot like a Jerry Goldsmith score, which isn't a bad thing. I really liked it. I instantly bought it off iTunes after I saw the movie and have been listening to it on repeat for the past week.

Seeing the Dark Half makes me wish Romero had gotten to make his version of The Mummy, or Before I wake... but more importantly.... I really wish George had gotten to make his version of Resident Evil. I love Romero's work... he really was and still is a pioneer for indie filmmaking... but his studio work never disappointed.

Well that's it for me... I'll do another post.... (Looks at watch) soonish? I know you are all just so fascinated to hear from me. ( Rolls eyes). But this has been very theraputic. If you enjoy my film reviews, let me know. I'll do more. Also let's have a discussion some time about films! Post your thoughts in the comments below! But remember! Be nice. We are having a conversation... not an argument. I know sometimes people get heated over their opinions of movies. Let's be respectful.

I've gotta run! Dinner then shooting some stuff. For now... here is an old photo that I never posted online any where that is as goofy as it is weird. I think I was trying on some one's glasses and trying to take an uber profile pic like a 70 year old man would. Enjoy.

And remember.... Keep being Creative!


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