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Hello there! I've got a blog! It feels like Myspace again!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Well, for those that care I've redesigned my website. I hope it is more user friendly than the last one I made. I decided to start a blog. A place where I can talk about anything and open my mind a bit... like a journal. BLOG.... what a weird word. Kind of sounds like some sort of fantasy creature that should be living in a swamp... or bog. To be honest I prefer this format. It reminds me of the old days of Myspace.

Please don't knock me for spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors (Man, I am about to get a thousand emails about spelling, gramar and puctuation. Doh!). I'm only human... and will be just typing up a vomit draft (a quick draft to get my thoughts out.) My mind moves fast and it can be a very dangerous place to be. I tend to not stay there for long periods of time.

More than likely I'll spill the beans on what the days were like on sets, or talk about movies I just watched... or even talk about my day and how I feel over all. I know... boring stuff. But I may also use this to announce news and stuff which I think is cool. You'll also see me at my most vulnerable, my most raw... including embarrassing photos I wouldn't dare post any where else but... this forum like blog.

Ya know, I've had a website since 2007 through Wix and for more than 10 years I barely utilized it the way that I should have. I had my ups and downs over the years, expect me to be very candid here and talk about my failures and successes. Maybe you'll learn from them.

It's late, I am tired... and I still have a lot of work to do on this website. But isn't every website just one big work in progress? Yep. I just hope you enjoy my work from here on out.

Love you all, and keep being creative!


P.S. Please remember this is my Website and my blog. Let's be respectful about my views and opinions on the world and films. I love humor and believe comedy is the best medicine... I also believe everything should be on the table as far as humor goes except the kitchen sink. I am not here to hurt... I am only here to heal.

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