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No, I'm not dead

Hey Gang!

That title says it all. I am not dead. I apologize for not writing more. I've been meaning to write a few posts. I sat down... would write out a post and then forget to post it... or think "Damn, do people really wanna know what I am doing?" and just delete the post. I figure people would be sick of me by now, but I owe it to you for a new post updating you with what has been going on with life. Where to start?!

Well first off... it wouldn't be a post with out an ugly selfie to start us off. This is how I look in all my glory during the writing of this post at 3:30am. I still get people asking me why I don't just post this on facebook or social media... well I like the fact that the few of you that do check this are in an exclusive club... this is like our own little secret. Close friends, family, and people legitimately interested in learning about me and my career whether professional or not can come here and get it as a one stop shop. Social media has become too much of a popularity contest... people adding you to just boost clout and numbers. I'm happy doing this... and again I apologize for how long it's taken to get this post out but I promise... I promise it's a good one.

Well I worked on a movie with John Caglione Jr. and Stevan Mena called the Ruse! it was a great opportunity that John gave me and I got to meet and work with some amazing and talented people. The shoot had it's ups and downs but I was very happy to be there. I don't really say it much but John Caglione is one of the best men I know and I am very thankful to have met him. With out him I wouldn't have been on this film and wouldn't have gotten to work with legends such as Veronica Cartwright, Cory Geryak, and of course John Caglione himself. I had my dream come true and got to assist John on a make up and man, it was just a beautiful moment in my life. I also got one of the best haircuts ever from our wonderful onset hair stylist and den mother Ginnie Colangelo! I also got to Hang out with Scott Krycia and learn about night photography which was amazing. Working with Stevan Mena was great too. It was a lot of work for everyone on set, but I think we all accomplished the goal of making a pretty solid thriller. Everyone came on and brought their A game. I got to help Veronica with her self tapes for two projects which I hope she got! I also learned from a lot on set... like what lights are being used these days to shoot with like Light Mats. Special thanks to Blaine and Sean for really working with me on what it's like being an AC, or even about New york, Chicago and LA with the apple boxes. I celebrated my 34th birthday. John and Ginny really went out of their way to make it special. Thank you for that.

Cory working his Magic.

Me assisting John, a dream come true

With the man, the myth, the legend.

Out to lunch with Veronica Cartwright. Thanks to Ginny for the photo!

While I was shooting in Maine I learned that the original Pet Sematery film was shot in the same area where we were staying. Ellsworth, ME. It was really cool to rummage around the shooting locations of that film on my days off. I really enjoyed the original Pet Sematery. It's a creepy film that still creeps me out to this day. Below is myself at the shooting location for the micmac burial ground. Was a bit of a hike to get to but was awesome. I did document this entire experience with a journal. It's something I want to do more of while filming movies. It was cathartic and actually fun. I used a journal app called day one and its actually been beneficial to my mental health and just documenting life. Maybe one day I'll publish them as my memoirs... who on earth would want to read that?

Then the dreaded strike happened. Both the writers strike and the actors strike really kind of hurt me. But I used that time to really focus on polishing my pilot script and getting it ready for when the strike was over. I also created a pitch packet for it. Before the strike I got to work on a short film about on set safety. I played a "driven" film director that did what ever it took to get his vision on screen... even if it means lying to his crew and slacking on safety efforts. I was super impressed with the cast and crew! This was a tough shoot as it was meant to feel like on continuous shot, and man... the cast and crew knocked this sucker out of the park. Directed by Andrew Broadhurst, he really knew what he wanted and gave the actors a bit of freedom to bring the characters to life. I appreciated that. I really hope to get to work with that crew again, they were fast, and efficient. they thought quick on their feet. I went to set in my own wardrobe, they got me something, but I figured I'd bring an option and see how they felt about it. The director loved it. I based my wardrobe and look on one of my favorite directors, George A. Romero. This was my little homage to him... the denim shirts, the vest, the glasses. George was a real maverick in film, especially the indie scene.

The wonderful crew of "Save a Buck"!

A pet project that I had been working on for months also got finished. At the beginning of the year Brett Hammond and I began work on tearing down my old shed in the back yard, and rebuilding it turning it into a small Special Effects Work-Shop. After many months of hard work, and having to stop because of weather or film gigs... he and I finally got it done and man let me tell you... I've never been more proud of myself. I have never build anything like this before... and it turned out great! And even better... it's still standing! For years I had always done this out of a corner of my office or bedroom... and I decided to clean out the shed (was nothing in it any way, and it was falling apart) and repurpose it. To quote one of my favorite films "I tore the fucker down and rebuilt it." I wouldn't take this on as a career, but I do dabble in it from time to time, especially for my own films or my friends films.



There are still a few things I need to do, but I've been waiting for the winter to do that. The inside is even better.

I have worked out there quite a few nights and let me tell you... it's nice to have a dedicated space for this stuff. It's a bit small, and a little cramped at times... but it is peaceful and an easy place to be productive.

Also during the strike I did my own sketch comedy bits. I went to Pittsburgh and got to shoot some amazing stuff with film school alumni and buddies Aeyron Moore, Stephen Dixon, Paul Merrill and of course Ryan W. Phillips. It was great to make stuff again, just getting out and doing it. I miss doing stuff like this. Both Aeyron and Dixon are some of the best in the business, very talented and experienced. Love those guys! Look them up, Stephen is an excellent sound guy, and Aeyron directs films and is a DP. Stone Phoenix productions!

The things I'll do to try and be "Funny".

This guy... don't get me started.

Aeyron set this up, and snapped this photo. He did an amazing job!

I started doing my own sketches because I love Sketch comedy. I haven't really found a sketch comedy troupe near me, so I just did it on my own. Luckily I have friends who love doing this kind of stuff too and we all kind of just collaborate with each other. I love comedy in general... and would love just a chance to audition for Saturday Night Live. I loved doing standup, but I had a hard time finding gigs... but more on this later... like next paragraph later.

Ok so... it's the next paragraph. I did a stand-up gig in PA. It was in the Leigh high Valley, during a festival called Inclusion fest. Mela Shea called me up and asked me if I'd do it and I jumped at it. I had a blast. Did I knock it out of the park, no. Did I do decent... yeah. Wasn't much of an audience, they were all over watching the live performance bands in the other pavilion... but I performed my heart out to the few people there and made most of them laugh. I got to meet some great talent, including Mela! I hope to work with them again as well. I felt at home on that stage and it's a feeling I desperately miss. I am kicking myself for not taking more photos... but here is a shot of where we performed with some of the comedians hanging out. Oh I also go to try some local honey from the area. I bought two bottles of it. It was the bees knees.

I also started Volunteering as a photographer for the Brandywine Valley SPCA. I figured during the strike, why not lend a hand. I have free time after all. So I have gone and worked with some amazing people, at an amazing organization and for a great cause! This is where I got to know one of the Georgetown campus' longest tenets... SNOOP. He is an amazing dog... but is unfortunately getting overlooked. I recently fostered him, and he was just a joy. He got along with Alundra very well... which I heard he wasn't great with other dogs. I've been on the fence regarding possibly adopting him. Alundra is enough of a handful... and with me traveling a lot it can be rough having another pet. But he is wonderful and really needs a home. Plus to be honest, I love the dog.

One thing I've kept fairly quiet.... until now... this is an exclusive for the 4 of you that actively read my posts. Hahahah. I've been working on a proof of concept to pitch for this show I've been developing. After losing out on the Daredevil role... I began working on my own original character.... he is heavily inspired by things that I love... but he is my own. I've been working with Paul Guyot on tightening up my script and he has been a godsend. He has not only helped me make my script better all around, but he has made me a better writer. Check him out . Ben Bostaph has been a friend of mine since high school, dude has been like a brother to me through the good and the bad. He has helped me polish this script up and help me shoot this proof of concept! I can't wait to continue this with him! He always does amazing work and he is a great collaborator! He makes ME look GOOD! Imagine that. Seriously he helps me shoot, and does graphics, and always pushes me to do amazing things... even when depression looms over me. Thank you, Ben for always being there and being a good friend, even if Nostradamus says otherwise!

Screen shot from the proof of concept.

I also had the pleasure of meeting actor Brian O Halloran at the Brutal Massacre 15th anniversary event. He was such a cool cat! I remember watching Clerks when I was 10 and just loving the movie, it had this punk rock attitude that I hadn't really seen in films. He became a favorite actor of mine and I began to follow his career.

One thing that caught me off guard... my mother was murdered. We were never close... we had a rocky relationship... my mother had a checkered past... I'd rather not get into it... but this caught me off guard. I don't really know how to feel. A lot of emotions still roll through my head... Anger, sadness, regret just to name a few. I have learned a lot about her in the past few weeks and the "What if's" circle through my head. I always wanted a relationship with my mother and my father... they just... weren't meant to be parents. They weren't the greatest parents or the greatest human beings to me. I always wanted a family... but I never really got it as a kid. Hell I still look for a father figure from time to time... but I'll never have one. I'd feel like a burden, most people have their own sons, daughters, lives... and problems. No one needs me. I'm slowly coming to terms with that... and slowly becoming ok with it.

The last photo taken of my mother.

The murderer was never captured. I've been working to try to piece what I can together. You always hear about this in the movies and on t.v. but when it actually happens to you... it's surreal. It really didn't hit me until recently that my biological mother was gone. I had the privilege of calling and telling my Dad... that was both hard for me and not fun. I am still going through the grieving process... it hits me in waves. But enough of this depresseme street bullshit.

The big thing that happened... I went back to Scotland! I love this place so much. I got to take my sister which was a lot of fun, and my friend Brian came. It was great showing them around and having them experience this mystical land. I got to catch up with some friends like Jimmy Wyngarde, aka the Wigan Joker. Catch him on youtube. Jimmy is a close friend and a confidant. I really appreciate all he has done for me, I don't really get to say it much but Thank you, Jimmy, for everything!

Jimmy and I doing the Ronnie Foster point to the Wigan Sign!

I got to meet up with actor Laurence Harvey, friend of movie night, and long time friend and collaborator Rusty Apper! Rusty is a talented Musician and film maker. We are actually working on a little project together... but shhhh! Don't tell anyone! ;)

I started doing this thing in photos where I throw my hat towards the camera.

This is my favorite photo from the whole trip!

The trip had it's ups and downs... but man it was amazing. Here are just a few of the photos from the whole trip. I can't wait to go back!

An epic photo of me overlooking Loch Ness. Can you see the monster?

Wilby D: Not brooding in Inverness

At the Fall of Foyers.

A wild Wilby in a tree!

At Culloden, a really cool battlefield with a ton of history!

And yes... I bought and wore a kilt!

There are a few small projects I've signed on to recently... I don't want to jinx anything... so I'll refrain from saying much. I am excited to be a part of these projects and can't wait to get moving on them! I did a cameo role in Phil Herman's I slay on christmas, I play Sathana's and did my best Wishmaster impression. I really wish I could have done some spfx make up for the character, given him more of a demon look, but unfortunately the Effects workshop wasn't built when this was shot. It's a no budget, indie horror anthology but... it's not bad. It's a lot of fun. Phil has collected some great indie film makers and put together a decent little movie! Check it out some time.

Other than that, I've been looking for representation as an actor. So if you are an agent... HEY! If you are an agent perusing my site I'd love to have a conversation. My last agent passed away from cancer... he was a fighter. He fought for me many times, and then really fought against his illness. After he passed I really didn't want an agent... but after a lot of time, and honing my skills I am ready to take the next exciting step in my career. Let's level up together!

Ya know... I've done a lot this year so far. I am really proud of myself. I am really hard on myself, I always try to better myself and hold myself to a high standard. I figure if I don't hold my self accountable... then no one else will. I always strive to do the best work I can given the circumstances... but things happen, constraints are put on you. So you do what you can. Good, bad or indifferent... I'm an actor. I'm a director, and I'm a comedian. Some will like me, some won't. In the end I gotta keep going and ignore the noise. I love you all, thanks for sticking by me. The year isn't over... and there is still a lot for me to do!

Thanks for reading, sorry it took so long for this. I'll try to do another post soon!


This post was not sponsored by Governors.

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